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Dont know when your question was posted so I hope this is timely. I have lived in Arequipa for 8 months and find the cost of living to be quite low. Be careful about investing in real estate at first. People are quite friendly and healthcare is awesome. My wife had knee surgery a couple of months ago and I think she was treated better than she would have been in the US and for much lower cost. The price for everything was about $1200 and would have been about $15,000 in US. I teach English at the Instituto Cultural and there are dozens of high quality concerts, exhibits and cultural events month along with nice malls, dozens of historic places to explore, a couple of hours from beaches and a couple more from Cusco or Lake Titicaca. Food is generally reputed to be some of the best in Peru, though for my purposes it seems a bit high on meat and carbs. Crime is reported to be high but only petty crimes - nothing has ever happened to me or mine. Oh, and the weather is PERFECT. No heating or air conditioning present or needed. Low humidity. Air pollution colors views of distant mountains but doesnt seem to cause anyone problems.

My wife and I are thinking of moving to a city for a few years until our US Medicare and SS becomes available and are looking at Arequipa. What is your impression of Arequipa in terms of cost of living, frinedliness of the people, quality of heath care, crime considerations, things to do, food/restaurants, etc?